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Send flowers

This is how it works

Select flowers

Select your desired bouquet or wreath and add it to the shopping cart.


You can add a few lovely words to my greeting card.


Basically, I send the packages as quickly as possible. If you have a desired delivery date, e.g. for a birthday, you can enter it under comment. I will then make sure that I get it to the post office accordingly. Note that the delivery itself depends on the post and works much faster with A Mail.

Help i'm late!

You just noticed that it's a good colleague's birthday today? Maybe it would be one  gift card  appropriate.

Invoice / delivery note

I do not add an invoice or delivery note to any delivery. This is all done by email. So you don't have to worry that there is an invoice in the package.

shipping and billing address

At checkout you first add the shipping address. At number 3 payment you can add your billing address.

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