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Care of dried flowers

A few tips for you


Don't expose the dried flowers to the sun for hours or be prepared for the colors to fade. A fade can still be interesting sometimes because actually it is  a natural vintage look.


In places with high humidity, the dried flowers will eventually start to rot.  The bathroom or the outside area can only be recommended to a limited extent. Personally, I still have dried flowers on my covered balcony, but knowing that they won't last as long as indoors.


Dried flower arrangements are easiest to make from  Get rid of dust and cobwebs by getting  carefully with the weakest blower and  blow-dry at the lowest temperature level.

Freshen up

I take apart arrangements and lend  give them a different look by me  a  add some new materials. This is also a great way to decorate  adapt to the current season.

I am always adding to my offer on the shop and I would be happy to win you as a regular guest.

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